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The fretnoodle visualizer simply maps out any inputed note all across the guitar fretboard. This simple yet powerful study tool allows players to visualize any inputed triad, arpeggio or scale all over the neck thus opening up a world of sonic possibilities for improvisation and composition.


Input any chord/arpeggio/scale and map it across the board to explore all the different shapes and ways of playing them..

Input different chords or scales in a progression and observe the transition animations to help visualize how one shape morphs into another

Use the Paint feature (double left click) to highlight different regions and make notes. Extremely useful for teachers explaining concepts to students online.




Function Description Keyboard shortcut
Add New Chord The new chord is inserted right after the current highlighted chord (press b to see highlighted chord in the progression) ENTER
Next Chord Navigate to next chord in the progression RIGHT ARROW
Previous Chord Navigate to previous chord in the progression LEFT ARROW
Show Map this function maps out all the inputed note across the neck. Notes cannot be inputed/edited during this stage SPACE
Hide Chord progression animation Hide the progression bar animation to clear out space to make more drawinga b
Change Root notes Hold shift while left clicking any inputed rooted will treat that note as the new root SHIFT+LEFT_CLICK
Toggle metronome The first 4 Beats are just a count in. Metronome wont work during INPUT STAGE. Buttons will show only after you activate SHOW MAP function. m
Hide notes Hide the note names to make the fretboard less cramped. n